Polyurethane wheels PU

Cast iron centre with Vulkollan® tyre 29

Product information

Centre: Cast iron

Tyre: Moulded Vulkollan®-polyurethane

Hardness: 92° Shore A

Temperature range: -40°C – +85°C


Vulkollan® have high tear strength, exceptional abrasion resistance and up to ten times the life of equivalent rubber tyred wheel under the same conditions. The optimal choice for driving wheel. Elastic - recover to round shape after static load. Resistant to a wide ranges of oils, greases and chemicals. Low rolling resistance and floor saving. Sensitive to hydrolysing agents such as hot water, steam and hot moist air, strong acids and alcohols.

Please notice that the wide variation within this segment involves a longer deliverytime. Please contact us for more information.

On request customised wheels with other dimensions can be offered.

Alternative Vulkollan

Vulkollan can be modified to the following characteristics:

1. Vulkollan 80° Shore A. Higher friction - loading reduced by 50%.

2. Vulkollan 95° Shore A. 10% higher load capacity at the cost of harder Vulkollan.

3. Vulkollan with Stabaxol – Hydrolysis protection. Higher moisture resistance.

4. Vulkollan C – Electrically conductive.

5. Corrosion protected Vulkollan. The wheel is protected in between the Vulkollan and cast iron core as well as on wheel sides. Suitable eg. in black water plants.