Gravity conveyors and rollers

3005 8600

Product information

Side frame: Aluminium profile 25x65x25x3 mm

Roller: Plastic roller with ball bearings, in diameter 25 and 50 mm

Shaft: Spring loaded steel axle, 8 mm

C/c assembly holes: 27,5 mm

Conveying level: Adjustable, 355-555 mm, 555-955 mm, 955-1655 mm

Is delivered unassembled.


The load capacity in the table below is stated for an evenly spread load. In case of point loads, the load capacity per roller must be considered.


Low weight gravity conveyor suitable to handle lightweight unit loads. Leg supports, BNS 3010, is not included but can be bought separately.



Connection kit, 2 plates with assembly details, 734040.

Assembling instruction